Voting Information

Suggestion Nominations- These ballots are sent out to the industry- Bands(sent to one member),DJ’s,Promoters, etc. IF you fall into this category you must register with the NBC in order to receive it. The deadline to return this important ballot is October 1. If you have not received it by Sept 15, please call to confirm your address. The NBC cannot be held responsible if you have moved and not informed us of the new address!

In order to participate in the voting process, you must be either a member of The Northern Bluegrass Committee or a member in good standing of your local Bluegrass Club. Below is a list of Bluegrass Clubs and Organizations that participate in the awards. Please make sure your mailing address is updated with your club in order to receive a ballot! The deadline for this ballot is November 1.

If you belong to a club that is NOT listed here you must hold membership with the NBC directly to recieve a ballot