Who’s Bucky Beaver?

bucky-the-beaverThe Sonnet of Bucky Beaver

Christmas 1985


Hi Folks! I am Bucky Beaver!

I am a lifelong resident of River Valley

and life was really dull here

with nothing to do but listen to the sound of the river

and its waterfalls

and to the sound of the train whistle

Then along came a new owner

and he brought the sound of Bluegrass music

Life changed instantly and off to the woods I went

I cut down a big tree and made a rough looking fiddle

Then, with a crooked branch, I formed a fiddle bow

And now!!

Whenever you come to River Valley, I will be there on the rock

in the river, playing my rough old fiddle with the crooked bow

and smiling all the while because I Bucky Beaver

am drowning out the sound of the river and its waterfalls

and the train whistles

with my rough fiddle and crooked bow

to attract Bluegrass fans to River Valley Park

Happy Bluegrass pickin’

Bucky Beaver


Written by Johanna de Boer, 1985